Second Chances by Kimmzie [ - ]
Summary: The Twelfth Doctor re-sets all time and space. He retreives Rose Tyler and returns her to himself. A/U follows snip-its of the series with the Doctor and Rose
Categories: Multi-Era, Tenth Doctor, Twelfth Doctor
Characters: None
Genres: Action/Adventure, General, Romance
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Swearing
Challenges: None

Several Second Chances by Kimmzie [Reviews - 4]
"A blue box appeared on the beach and the door opened. A tall, slim man dressed in tuxedo stepped on the sand and looked around with a raised brow. He slid a hand to smooth out his sliver windswept hair." The Twelfth Doctor decides he is going to get Rose Tyler back for his Tenth self.

Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (12th)
Series: Second Chances

  • Published: 2015.08.11
  • Updated: 2015.09.03
  • Chapters: 2
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 4457

Get me to the Chapel on Time by Kimmzie [Reviews - 1]
The Doctor and Rose attend Tony Tyler's marriage in Pete's World. Can they both get over the recent loss of Clara as a companion? What happens when Rose sees how much her home has changed.

  • Multi-Era
  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex, Swearing
  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Characters: Jackie Tyler, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (12th)
Series: Second Chances

  • Published: 2016.07.15
  • Updated: 2016.07.15
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 2791