Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for A Teaspoon and an Open Mind

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time and though we will endeavour to notify users of changes, this may not always be possible and it is your responsibility to be aware of the current Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this site and its satellite operations (including, but not limited to, any and all associated LiveJournal communities) implies agreement to and acceptance of the most current Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Giving feedback

  • Under no circumstances is flaming to be considered an acceptable form of review for a story.
    • A flame is defined as an insulting or derogatory remark made to another user.
  • Flaming other reviewers or other persons within the body of a review will receive the same treatment as flaming of a story.
  • The reviews section is not to be used as a chatboard by users.
  • Constructive criticism is acceptable and encouraged.
    • Constructive criticism is defined as feedback where the reader offers helpful suggestions on ways to improve the story in a friendly way.

User conduct

  • Plagiarism is not allowed under any circumstances. If plagiarism is found to exist, the author will be banned. (Where plagiarism is presenting someone else's written work as your own.)
  • Users should remain respectful to each other and to the moderators.
  • Abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated and if it is used the author or user may be banned from the site.
  • A moderator may use the review section to address a problem with your story, or a problem in the review section. Please follow their instructions at all times.

Breaking the Terms of Service

  • Breaking the Terms of Service will generally result in a warning from a moderator. If you receive three warnings then you may be banned from the site.


  • The moderators have the right to refuse or block any content that may be objectionable as decided by the administrative team.
  • A Teaspoon and an Open Mind is a privately-owned and operated fansite and is operated solely by its moderators and administrative team whose decisions are final.

Privacy Policy

Personal information
Creating an account at A Teaspoon And An Open Mind requires collection of only one potentially personally identifying piece of information: an email address. You may use any email address you like to create an account here, including one that is entirely anonymous. Only you and the moderation team can see this email address in your account.

You may choose to provide other personal information, such as a real name, website URL, and biographic information. This information will be publicly visible to anyone who visits our site or finds site pages in search results elsewhere.

What we do with your personal information
We only use your email address to uniquely associate you with a specific penname or send you automated emails about new stories from your favorited authors or new comments on your stories. We may also occasionally communicate with you about issues relating to your content or use of the site. (For example, moderators will send you email accepting or rejecting your stories from the moderation queue, or may email you if we believe someone is plagiarizing your work.)

Your email address will never be shared for any reason outside the Teaspoon moderation team. However, if someone contacts you through our "Contact Author" feature, which sends messages directly to your email account, and you reply to that message from the same address, it will be exposed to the original sender.

A Teaspoon And An Open Mind sets one cookie to determine your login status and whether you have confirmed you are old enough to view adult-rated content. No other cookies are used on the site.

Removing your data from the site
You may delete your stories, favorited stories, favorited authors, and publicly visible personal data at any time. Deleting this content immediately removes it from our database, and deletions are not recoverable.

Our software requires that moderators delete user accounts. If you would like to delete your account, please contact us at help@whofic.com. Deleting an account permanently and unrecoverably removes it from our database, but comments you have left for authors will remain visible on the site regardless of whether your account still exists. To delete those as well, please contact help@whofic.com.