What is Doctor Who?

An extremely long-running BBC TV series (and books, comics, audiodramas, movies, etc). The Doctor is a time-and-space traveling alien from the highly advanced planet of Gallifrey. He travels around the universe in his TARDIS, righting wrongs, accompanied by a series of companions. When the Doctor dies, he "regenerates" into a new body, and over the course of the series the Doctor has regenerated numerous times. The BBC has an excellent introductory guide to the different Doctors and the history of the show.


What kind of stories can I find here?

We accept all kinds of Doctor Who-based fan fiction, whatever the subject matter, as long as it is indeed related in some way to Doctor Who.


How do I submit/edit/delete my story? Change my email address? Delete my account?

Login or Register. You will then be able to visit the Your Account page, where you can view, add, and manage your stories, personal information, favorites, and reviews.

In order for your story to be accepted to the archive, the fic must follow the Submission Rules which can be seen at the top of the page when you click Add New Story in your User Account.

If you would like to delete your account, please contact the moderator team at (Our software only allows moderators to delete accounts.)


How do I favorite a story or author?

Assuming you have an account on the site, you can find the link to favorite a story in the header of each chapter ("Add Story to Favorites"). The link to favorite an author is next to the "Add Story to Favorites" link, as well as next to the author's name on their site page.


What is the rating system for stories here?

Because of the complexity of dealing with ratings systems for an international audience, we've decided the best way to classify ratings for stories is a simple one: All Ages, Teen, or Adult. Adult stories would be those containing strong or graphic descriptions of sex and/or violence; Teen stories contain descriptions of sex and/or violence or other themes you would not feel comfortable sharing with someone under 13; and all other stories go under All Ages. Examples:

  • All Ages
    • Het or slash stories without graphic descriptions of sex.
    • Stories with mild violence.
  • Teen
    • Stories with limited or mildly graphic descriptions of sex or violence.
  • Adult
    • Het or slash stories with graphic descriptions of sex.
    • Stories with strong violence, such as torture scenes that are described in detail.

Everyone's division between graphic and non-graphic description is a little different, so authors should use their best judgment.

A note about strong language: If you feel that your story contains an extreme amount of swearing, you may voluntarily label your story with a language warning in the story's description. However, unless the story also contains graphic sex or violence, it should be filed under All Ages or Teen.


My story has a canon character that isn't in your character list. Will you add them?

Yes. Please send us an email containing the character's name and what category or categories the character belongs to. We will review your submission and add the character to the archive's database as long as it is appropriate.


Why can't I search by character across all categories?

This is currently a limitation in the archive code provided by Orodruin. Unless you are looking for all stories featuring a recurring character like The Master, however, you should only have to look in one or two categories, usually the specific Doctor Era and Multi-Era. Hopefully a future version of the script will allow character search across all categories.


Can I upload pictures to go with my story? How about video or sound files?

We do not host images, sounds, or video files on the archive. However, if you have your own web space, you may upload those files to your site and link to the media files from your story.


I forgot my password!

Visit the Password Retrieval page and enter your email. A new password will be mailed to you. You can then edit your personal information and change your password.

If you're still having trouble, email


Can I link to this site?

Absolutely. Please use the following code:

<p><a href="">A Teaspoon And An Open Mind: A Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive</a></p>

You may also use our logo to link to the site. It is available in SVG format and will scale smoothly to whatever size you like. Please upload the file to your own site and change the code in bold to reflect the file's location.

A Teaspoon And An Open Mind: A Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive

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I need help! Who do I contact?

For question, problems, or comments about using the site or the stories on the site, contact the mod team at


Who are the moderators?

The people in our current mod team are ghost2, livii, nonelvis, and Platypus.

They run the site, and give up their free time to do so. Please be courteous to them. They know where the ban button is, after all.


What does "A Teaspoon And An Open Mind" mean?

It's a quote from the Doctor Who episode The Creature from the Pit. The Fourth Doctor explains his victory: "Well, to be fair I did have a couple of gadgets which he probably didn't, like a teaspoon and an open mind." [WAV, 42kb]