Ponds in New York by LJG [ - ]
Summary: Here are the Ponds in New York, from 1938 and beyond. Stories aren't in any kind of order. This series is open! If you have a story that you think will fit, feel free to post it.
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The First Time The Doctor Met Phil Coulson by LJG [Reviews - 5]
Based on this Tumblr: Canton Everett Delaware III, father of Phil Coulson -- "The reason why Agent Phil Coulson is so good at dealing with weird sh*t is that he f**g grew up with it. Because don’t tell me that Canton wasn’t recruited by SHIELD as soon as he got fired from the FBI. He helped a bunch of time-travelers deal with an alien invasion, stood up to the President of the United States, and did it all without batting an eyelid. CLEARLY PHIL COULSON’S PERPETUAL, FAINTLY-SMILING CALM IS A GENETIC TRAIT."

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Series: Ponds in New York

  • Published: 2012.05.16
  • Updated: 2012.05.16
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  • Word count: 1244

Shenanagans by LJG [Reviews - 1]
Written for the Eleventy Fest. Canton Everett Delaware III meets up with some old friends

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Series: Ponds in New York

  • Published: 2013.10.05
  • Updated: 2013.10.06
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 1585