2014.04.07 - 01:03AM
: New Doctor On The Block

*snickers* I'm BEGGING you - write the ten, 10.2, 11 and tentoo versions of this! Loved it!

2008.03.13 - 01:48AM
: New Doctor On The Block

This idea is absolutly Fantastic

Would like to know wat happened when it was only the first doctor

2007.05.10 - 05:19AM
: New Doctor On The Block

One of the funniest things on this site, honest. I hope you write more.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

2006.04.05 - 01:12PM
: New Doctor On The Block

Very funny!! Every fan fiction writer really should be required to read this series for a breath of fresh air and some perspective. (Plus good dialog and characterization)

Author's Response: Many thanks. Writing a few cracked out fics is a nice break.

2005.12.15 - 01:46AM
: New Doctor On The Block

I first read this series months ago, and I can't wait for more. Fantastic stuff!

Author's Response: I\'ll see what I can do. Glad you enjoyed it.

2005.12.07 - 10:23PM
: New Doctor On The Block

This whole series is hilarious! Is there any more, or is that it?

Author's Response: I\'ve left the series open because my son and I have been bouncing a few more ideas around.