NorthwestRaven1 (Tracey Claybon)

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I am a major fan of Doctor Who (classic and current Doctors - 5, 7, 8 and reboot); the Marvel Movieverse (especially the Avengers!) and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD) LotR, Gargoyles, Batman - the comic (up to the Final Crisis for now. I'm not a fan of the new 52-verse as of 2012 either.) and TAS, Batman Beyond, JLA and JLU (comics and animated), Stargate SG-1, Law and Order (SVU and CI), CSI New York, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Leverage, Teen Titans (comic only) Buffy and Angel, Witchblade (the non-anime tv series and comic), Inu-Yasha, Samurai Jack, Galaxy Rangers (the 1980s series) and just about anything from Hayao Miyuzaki, along with a lot of other shows and movies. I also like Sherlock (the BBC show with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.)

I have interests in cooking, knitting, looming (related to knitting), home decoration, architecture, and bicycling, all of which occasionally make their way into my work in one form or other...

In the world of books, I love the works of Mercedes Lackey, Rick Riordan, Elizabeth Moon, Robin McKinley, Tamora Pierce, Susan Cooper, Tom Clancy, the world of the Hunger Games, and a wonderful writer named John Flanagan who writes a LOTR-like series called The Ranger's Apprentice. I love a lot more books, of course, but I am not sure I could list them all here.

I also occasionally read historical fiction such as the Master and Commander book series by Pat O'Brien and the Sharpe's Series by Bernard Cornwell. (Excellent mini series with Sean Bean, Alexis Denisov, and various others - the DVDs got me hooked.)

Read all of the above authors when you can - their work is worth reading.

Hope you enjoy what you read.

Note on authoring slash stories: I don't write slash stories really, especially not graphic ones. Please - don't ask.
I may imply it in a story only if it's in canon, but probably only then - and it will be only implied.

There is one exception I may make to this rule and it would be only because it's a canon character fact and involves information I didn't have when I originally wrote a story about the character.

I love to read slash when done right and will absolutely read and review, but don't measure up to the best writers of it, in my own opinion.