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HawkErin2014.10.02 - 09:25AM: Forever and More SeriesSigned
You don't have to end it.... You could write more variations on them meeting in his various incarnations.

Author's Response: Haha well I most certainly will; they just won\'t be a part of this series. As much as I hate it, Day Six will be the last fic :(

HawkErin2014.09.25 - 09:39AM: Forever and More SeriesSigned
Waiting for that follow-up to Five Days! It has been one of my favourites by far and I can't wait to see eleven's reaction to regaining those memories as well as the sexy times that are bound to follow.

Author's Response: \'Day Six\', as it will so be called, is currently under construction :3 But I promise it will be up soon, despite the fact that I hate the series is ending :(

NorthwestRaven12014.03.04 - 03:55AM: Forever and More SeriesSigned
Love this series so far - can't wait to see the other doctors- I also hope you do War and 12!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will be doing War Doctor/Rose and Twelve/Rose too :D

gategirl72014.03.02 - 08:57PM: Forever and More SeriesSigned
So excited about this series! I love Rose with all of the doctors and it is interesting to think about all of the different ways they could meet and still end up together.

Author's Response: Exactly; that\'s why I did this series :3 Thank you!!

Anonymous2014.03.02 - 06:23AM: Forever and More SeriesSigned
This series makes my heart happy. I read it when I need a little pick-me up. Thank you for sharing your story telling talent.

Author's Response: Awwww thank you so much!! <3

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