2017.03.06 - 05:33AM
: Past, Present and Future

I've read all of these on ff net you've written one of the best doctor/Rose stories/series I've ever found (and thats saying something if you knew how many I've gone through) Thanks for putting so much of your time into this and sharing it :)

2014.08.27 - 05:55AM
: Past, Present and Future

Do you even know how difficult it is to find a good fanfic story that's also well written!? I absolutely love this series! I love the premise of the story and the way you write the characters so that you can obviously tell the Doctors apart. You're amazing and I think you should publish... just saying

2014.06.06 - 11:50AM
: Past, Present and Future

I love, love, love, love this series! It the first I've read were Rose is with different Doctors and i just love it. You mad their story so angsty and full of love and i really just cannot put into words how amazing this is. Your writing is beautiful and this and many of your other story's are just sooooo good.

2014.05.14 - 06:32PM
: Past, Present and Future

I loooooovvvvvveeeee this series. I just can't get enough of it. It is not only highly entertaining, but you also write very naturally so it flows effortlessly and I can hear the characters talking in my head. I really enjoy this, and I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to your next update!

2014.03.26 - 01:20AM
: Past, Present and Future

Love love love this series! Especially with 8! Breathtaking and hoping to see you finish the rest of them.

2014.01.04 - 07:24AM
: Past, Present and Future

I LOVED the entire series... love it love it love it...

I'd like to see the scene in which Ten and Rose FINALLY get to talk AND the scene of the marriage, I hope you'll write them sometimes...

and, also... UNF for all the sex scenes: my compliments, they were absolutely very well done.


2013.12.30 - 12:29AM
: Past, Present and Future

This series is beautiful. Your stories are intricately woven together. I had to read the entire series through twice back-to-back just to be able to pick up on all the minute details that you've put into this. I'm so happy that you're working on the story with Ten now. Can't wait to see how it plays out!

2013.11.27 - 10:02PM
: Past, Present and Future

This must be one of the absolute best series in the fandom. Please, please, please write Ten's part!

2013.11.27 - 10:20AM
: Past, Present and Future

Iím pretty sure Iíve reviewed before and said this before, but Iím currently re-reading all my bookmarked doctor/rose fics and I have to say Ė this is my absolute favorite series. The detail, the characterizations, the plotÖthe little references and perfect blend of humour and romance. I absolutely it. And you do multi-era extremely well Ė Iíve read a few where the Doctorís personality doesnít really change much between regenerations besides the author occasionally sticking in the catchphrase-du-jour. The p.o.v changes are a bit abrupt at points, and there are some spelling/grammar stuff, but itís all swept up in the total awesomeness of the fic that I hardly notice them anymore.
I would so very much like to read Tenís story and how they try to figure out all the timey-wimeyness of their relationship. Also, I can imagine your description of the look on his face when he realizes heís been with rose before and just didnít rememberÖAlso, seeing them meet up with jack again should be interesting. Or getting brief glimpses of other regenerations (like Oneís cameo) could be fun, even if their short little run-ins instead of chapters/stories dedicated to them.
And what the hell are Thrizax? I so want to know because youíve mentioned them in more than one of your fics, and Iím dying to see some kind of interaction with them. Also, the hints youíve dropped about what exactly the Doctor did to save Rose from them.
Please, oh, please finish this series! I know it can stand all on its own right now, but it still feels like the last little bit is incomplete without Ten. And Donna Ė must have more Donna, because she is brilliant/fantastic/every other positive adjective out there. I know itís been a while since youíve updated around here, but maybe youíve suddenly been inspired to start writing again, what with the 50th Anniversary Episode having just aired and allÖ *crosses fingers*
One can only hope.
Anyhow, cheers for the great read. This really is my go-to fic,

2013.09.04 - 12:23AM
: Past, Present and Future

This is one of my absolute favorite stories on whofic, and dear god have I read a lot. What a relief that you are still writing this one! I can't wait to see what you do with Rose and Ten.

2013.07.31 - 07:49PM
: Past, Present and Future

I just found this series, and would like to say how much I enjoyed it, and can't wait for 10's part!!!

2013.07.25 - 10:21PM
: Past, Present and Future

I just had to add my voice to the masses and say how much I utterly adore this brilliant series, and extend my thanks to you for its creation.

2013.05.05 - 10:42AM
: Past, Present and Future

This is by far one of the BEST series I have ever read. I love the character depth and the development, I love how this little "self-fulfilling time loop" has come about and I have enjoyed the journey thus far. The way you have written then Doctor (8, 9, 10 and 11) is simply brilliant. Each one is clearly dicernable from the other and yet, much like the show, its easy to see the same man. You are a very capable and great writer, I cannoy say mow much I enjoy your writing. I also very much love your rendition of the TARDIS. She is helpful and yet stern and its simply perfect. I cannot wait to see Ten's part in this story as those hickies and bitemarks left by both 9 and 11 are bound to bring up som interesting interludes....^-^ Not to mention I am DYING to find out why 11 mentioned an uncomfortableness between 10 and Rose after the Christmas Invasion that he'd never told her about.... ^-^

In anycase, I have loved this story from the very first chapter and will wait FOREVER if I must, but I sincerly hope I don't have to wait that long, for the rest of this story. Thank you so much for an absolutly wonderful read.

2013.03.28 - 07:24PM
: Past, Present and Future

I really love these series!

2013.03.14 - 07:16PM
: Past, Present and Future

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to read this but now that I have I realized it was because I had to prepare myself for the awesomeness that was this story. I loved the flirty romance with Eight, the harsh desperate love with Nine, the cautious but utterly devoted love with Eleven, ending with the dream come true with Ten. Although I would love to see the last chapter in that story, I am fine with the way it ended .. with the Doctor thinking it's a dream and with Donna (the queen of our ship) saying that one line that brought tears to my eyes. This was lovely and you have definitely gotten yourself a fan. Now off to the interludes lol.

Author's Response: Thanks! One last chapter for Eleven, then on to finish the fairytale with Ten. Thank you for reading and for your kind words!