Reviews For The Twilight Storm

2017.11.23 - 01:26AM
: The Twilight Storm

Series review: I actually just put down the original first book in the series in pure disgust when I first encountered it...

IMHO - **YOU** should have written the books, Marcus - I actually enjoyed the series and liked the characters.

And yes, please DO write the Death of the Doctor story you were considering, and if possible, a Twelfth Doctor story too, maybe Zygon Invasion/Inversion time frame?

Thank you for redeeming what for me was one of the very WORST books and set of characters I had the misfortune to encounter.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it; I've read a few fanfics that made the characters far more engaging than the original novels ever did, so it's good to know I succeeded in doing the same for a series that had great potential but poor delivery. I make no promises about taking this series beyond 'Death of the Doctor', but glad for the vote of confidence in any case.

2013.07.20 - 08:13PM
: The Twilight Storm

I have been reading the stories in the series for a while; and I have to admit that I enjoy them. I never liked Bella and made me like her in this series. You made her more independent. I like it.