Reviews For Series 3 With Rose

2013.12.22 - 01:02AM
: Series 3 With Rose

I've absolutely loved reading this series, I hope you'll someday return to finish it. :)

Author's Response: Well, I've returned, but I'm not done, yet. You should find eight more chapters of "Blink", since you left this review ;)

2012.03.07 - 12:57PM
: Series 3 With Rose

I just read the whole series, excluding Blink, over two days, and I adore them all. I'm so pleased to see you're still working on them too.
I've added Blink to my "to read" list, since I have no patience and hate waiting for new chapters, but I will keep popping back and will read that one too as soon at it's fished

Author's Response: I had hoped to have \"Blink\" up very quickly, but there have been some real-life interruptions. I\'m so glad you\'ve enjoyed it all so far!

2011.09.16 - 02:21AM
: Series 3 With Rose

I've had so much fun this week reading your entire Series 3 AU all in one go. I ended up writing a review of it over on my fanfic rec'ing blog, Gioia Recs. Hopefully this URL will come through okay, as I do most of my fangirly squeeing over there. ;-)

Thank you so much for your hard work on this series! I'm absolutely loving it. You did a great job of managing really character-driven fluff. It seems that many authors feel like character-driven pieces must be horrifically angsty, something that tends to put me into therapy - as if "Doomsday" didn't do that enough as it was, lol! So this has been just the perfect balm to my soul during a difficult week. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for your reviews - here and at wordpress! It does my heart good to know that there are folks out there who appreciate what I\'ve been trying to do with this series, and that what I\'ve been trying to do actually comes across :) I hope you get a chance to dive into some of my other stories (the series 2 fillers were really fun to write, but a completely different challenge from this) and let me know what you think... and what you might like to see in the future.

2011.05.13 - 05:42AM
: Series 3 With Rose

I'm hooked. There's nothing more I can say :D I've basically devoured (somehow I just thought of book-eating alien monsters -.-') this series and the one before it in a day.

Your characterizations, in my humble opinion, are spot on and the small adjustments (and the bits outside the episodes) are fitting in a way that doesn't ruin canon.

So, thank you for the experience and please try and get "Blink" up soon, I've been waiting for it since...oh, I dunno...the bit with the dragons :D (oh and Jack, very interested in seeing how that'll play out)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m honestly working on Blink right now, and am very eager to get it in posting shape quite soon. I think I\'ve got the basic road map laid out, so now I just have to piece it back together ;)

Author's Response: Seven years on, and I've just gotten D.I. Shipton back to 1969...