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Well, hello there... :D

I\'ve dabbled in fanfiction for years (it might actually be a decade already) but found the Doctor around Christmas 2010 (no, there\'s nothing ironic about this and yes, shame on me I know).

I\'ve only seen the New!Who episodes (and even those I\'ve had to...acquire through various unnamed means) (damn you, Finnish TV, damn you) but if (and it\'s a very big if) I ever get to writing and actually publishing Who-fiction, I\'ll try to get all possible facts straight, including those given in Classic!Who.

But, yes, that\'s about it. So, allons-y!! :D

(Oh, and obviously that *points to penname* is not my real name...and for once it\'s not even close to my real name)

How the Doctor has affected my life:
(mostly because I want this list somewhere but somewhat also because I want to know, if anyone else \"suffers\" from these)

a) I can\'t look at a dark blue car without thinking \"TARDIS blue!\"
b) Everytime I see a bluetooth hands-free, I think of John Lumic & the Cybermen
c) I\'ve started using the phrase \"of my lives\", as in \"that has to have been the scare of my lives\"
d) I\'ve started smiling with my tongue between my teeth like Rose
e) I\'ve started ruffling my hair in a similar way to the tenth Doctor