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2015.02.05 - 10:23PM
: A Custom Vehicle

That was absolutely fantastic! I loved every moment of it! Not to mention that it had everything in it, from angst to friendship! And thank the stars that there was no out of character moments, not even a hint of awkward romance! ('Cause really? There doesn't have to be completely out of character sex for a story to fly. In fact, that usually ruins it for me.) Thank you so much for that! Four is my favorite doctor, but you've certainly upped Three on my list, as I hadn't watched much of him before. You also got me loving him and Jo as a duo! It was great! (And of course I'm also a huge Bessie fan ;)

I certainly want more of Three from you! You are the absolute best at writing his character, I must say, not to mention the UNIT team and Jo! Really, you should get a medal for keeping them in character the whole time! Absolutely brill! Also, thank you for not favouring any characters, it was a big relief. Nothing is worse than reading a fic that has Ten barge in and save the day, while the other doctors look on, out of character confusion written all over their faces. (Not that I have anything against Ten ... It's just usually him. ... And Rose. Always those two) Thanks for not doing that.

Okay, this has just turned into me rambling, but I just want you to know that your writing brightened my day. Considerably. Not only that, but I have now seen much more of Three. Couldn't help myself after all of that fantastic story! Please! Write more Three! :) (and in the meantime, maybe I'll try to get some stories on here) maybe message me when you get another one on? I'll want to read it, cross my hearts, hope to regenerate.

Author's Response: And thank *you* for such a pleasant and amusing review! I enjoy Four as well, but there\'s something about Three that just makes him easy for me to love in writing - and yes, in character! I\'m always happy to have more people taking up the classic Doctors as well - and while my writing has had to take a back-burner for a time I\'m still hoping I\'ll be able to pick it back up when I can.

2009.04.22 - 07:27PM
: A Custom Vehicle

I love this series! Just sat down and read the whole thing...then read the rest of your work. I love Jo and the Doctor's interaction in this. 3 is one of my favorite Doctors, and I think you kept everyone absolutely in character! Well done!

Author's Response: That was certainly the goal - glad to hear it\'s been working! Three and Jo are just a wonderful a team. Thanks so much for the encouraging review.

2008.10.01 - 10:08PM
: A Custom Vehicle

I must say, it's odd to leave a review on a review, but that just made me laugh. O.o

Also, I love this series. It ish win.

Author's Response: It made me laugh too - and thanks!

2008.09.25 - 09:18AM
: A Custom Vehicle

Thanks i'll do them theyll be on stories u girl or boy

Author's Response: I can haz cheezeburger? I must say, you\'ve just won the award for the oddest review I\'ve ever received. o.0