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I\'m an American girl living somewhere in the East USA. My first Doctor was 4; my dad introduced me to Doctor Who and said 4 was his favorite. So I watched the Key to Time series with Romana I, some episodes with Romana II and some Sarah Jane and Harry. But I refused for some incomprehensible reason to watch any Doctor except 4. Then, one day, my dad popped in a disk of 9 and showed me the first episode, Rose. After that, I rapidly watched my way through 9 and started to see 10. Pretty soon I realized that I\'d liked all 3 Doctors I\'d seen so far -- why not give some of the earlier Doctors a chance? I saw a few episodes of 2 and quickly came to like him almost better than 4! Then I watched some 3, and loved him as the Doctor, too. Then I got bold and tried some 7. In both episodes I saw, he was fairly manipulative and very hard to like, though Ace was great. So I decided to see some 1 and have been working my way through the classic (and new) series of Doctor Who. Currently I\'ve watched all (existing) episodes of 1 and 2 (and a fair number of reconstructions, too), all of 3, lots of 4 (not that I remember what I saw, as I was fairly young when my dad introduced me to it), all of 9, most of 10, and am starting to work my way through 4.


Two Words by lemongirl [Reviews - 5]
The End of Time lacked only one thing in my opinion; two words.

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  • Published: 2010.01.05
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