Reviews For Better With You

2019.03.03 - 02:13PM
: Better With You

This series is absolutely incredible!! I just finished reading through both Wolf Moon and Hunger Moon and was just blown away by the entire story line! Fantastic work on these stories and I really hope that you will continue with the rest of the series!

2016.10.17 - 08:08PM
: Better With You

I have just re-read both tales back to back over the past day/night and am awake way too late. Really needed an AUNine/Rose fix - and your stories more than meet that need. I have no idea if you still meander around these here parts, but I would love love love to read 'Pink Moon'... see how they are doing on their quest... see if Jackie did manage to pull off an appropriate ceremony... see if he ever did get a part to fix the chameleon circuit... The Doctor, Rose Tyler and the TARDIS... just as it should be. You are a great story teller.

Author's Response: Thank you. Every once in a while I pop by, maybe every two or three months, but not often. I've been working on an original fiction trilogy for a while now, not really doing anything with fanfiction these days. If I ever find that muse again, I probably will. There is a first chapter to Pink Moon sitting on my computer, but its a very rough draft and won't likely see the light of day for a long time.

2014.06.29 - 10:50AM
: Better With You

Wowza! Just read this recently. Ive already recommended it to somebody. Here's to hoping for a new story. Maybe one day haha.

Author's Response: Thank you. Possibly one day, but not any time soon.

2013.11.10 - 03:44AM
: Better With You

Hello! Recently read both of your stories and absolutely loved them! Wondering if you were going to continue them, because they are fricking amazing. Hope to enjoy more of this story arch in the future. Have a wonderful day!

Author's Response: I don't know. I'd like to, but I've only recently started writing again and it doesn't come as fast as it used to.

2013.04.28 - 06:33PM
: Better With You

Loved this!! Really really want you to continue! Please and thankyou!

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope to continue it one day.

2012.09.06 - 04:51PM
: Better With You

wonderful series, would love to see another story!

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope to write another one in this series as some point.

2012.03.05 - 07:24PM
: Better With You

I am so addicted to this series it's amazing. Excuse me, I'm off to pimp it out to everyone I know!

Author's Response: Thank you.

2011.01.29 - 04:17PM
: Better With You

Please post you next story soon. I am in love with this series. I have been and will continue to check everyday for the next story so please please please post soon

Author's Response: Well, I\'m very happy you have enjoyed the series so much, but I\'m not planning to write the next story until April or thereabouts. I\'ve got some other ones I have to finish up first.

2009.09.08 - 10:32AM
: Better With You

I can't believe I never reviewed the series as a whole. You are so gifted, you put my little stories to shame.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You are very sweet. And I like your stories. Each one is better than the one before.

2009.01.24 - 03:26AM
: Better With You

I am loving this series...must recommend it to everyone who still hurts when they think of Parting of the Ways!!! XX

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, Frin. It certainly helped me to deal with that as well as with Doomsday.

2008.05.21 - 03:14PM
: Better With You

I really enjoyed this - at first I was dubious, I must admit- but you really hooked me. And judging by my grammar here, you also stole my brain. Can't wait to keep reading. Thanks!

Author's Response: You\'re welcome. I\'m sneaky that way, I put out my bait and then very, very slowly reel you in! *grins*

2008.05.17 - 01:17AM
: Better With You

hey, i just wanted to tell you that i LOVE this. first item i found of your stuff, and i love-it-love-it-love-it!

Author's Response: Thank you. So lovely of you to let me know. *grins*

2008.05.04 - 06:14PM
: Better With You

This is a totally awesome series!

Author's Response: Thank you!