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A reader, no longer a writer. Maybe someday. I love the stories here, they take me away from my stresses of everyday life to someplace better (and with a much better looking crew of guys). I like to give feedback as often as I can- I think people that write flamey feedback are imbeciles...I hope I can give constructive criticism, though I fear I fall more in the \"oh wow, I just loved this\" category..

I\'m 32 (till January 28) and American, and I\'m often amazed by how so many of the writers here who don\'t speak English as a first language are able to write so beautifully. The sparsity of truly awful grammar here makes me smile. My favorite Doctor is Nine, though Ten holds a very special place in my heart as well. I\'ve seen some of the Tom Baker episodes (The Key To Time) and was kinda horrified/kinda impressed. I very much liked the Giant Killing Rocks On Skateboards.