The Doctor Who Drabble Files by badly_knitted [Reviews - 25]
A collection of drabbles set in the Doctor Who universe. Any characters and pairings from the show will be fair game; there will no doubt be both canon and non-canon, depending on inspiration.

Characters: Amy Pond, Clara Oswin Oswald, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Other Character(s), Rory Williams, Rose Tyler, The Cybermen, The Daleks, The Doctor (Unspecified), The TARDIS
Series: None

  • Published: 2015.02.07
  • Updated: 2021.07.24
  • Chapters: 578
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 62436

Sentinel Of The Daleks by Cotterill91 [Reviews - 0]
During a visit to the planet Epsilon-Gamma, Clara and Me cross paths with the starship PATHFINDER, carrying an expedition from the Solar System, sent to investigate a strange energy reading originating from the planet's rings. The time travellers and the PATHFINDER crew join forces to explore the strange planet, unaware that an old and terrible enemy is waiting for them...

Characters: Ashildr, Ashildr (Lady Me), Clara Oswin Oswald, The Daleks
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.07.14
  • Updated: 2021.07.24
  • Chapters: 6
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 7787

The Without Within by Gerald North [Reviews - 0]
A tale of two strands, set in the First Doctor's era and in the Seventh Doctor's era. The Doctors never meet but the story of a pernicious, creeping, evil is intertwined through both strands. Most of the First Doctor and crew's adventure occurs on a strange world of ice while the Seventh Doctor and Ace encounter the alien menace on Earth after arriving in a seemingly idyllic village in the mid-1950s. There are battles to be fought with terrible consequences to follow.

Characters: Ace McShane, Ace McShane, Barbara Wright, Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, Ian Chesterton, Susan Foreman, Susan Foreman, Vicki, Vicki
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.04.27
  • Updated: 2021.07.13
  • Chapters: 12
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 73662

Ladywolfe by Dracaspina [Reviews - 6]
After escaping from the infamous prison of Arcadia, Michael "the Dog" Smith finds himself thrust into the story of a pair of cursed lovers. During the day, she rides with a fearsome hunting hawk. At night he stalks his enemies with a golden wolf. Always together, eternally apart. Will they ever defeat their shared enemies and break the curse?

  • Multi-Era, Ninth Doctor
  • Teen
  • Explicit Violence
  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Crossover, Romance

Characters: Henry van Statten, Mickey Smith, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (9th), The Master (Simm)
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.04.28
  • Updated: 2021.06.22
  • Chapters: 5
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 2649

The Age of Paradox 2.5: Miracle Day by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0]
After their return from a parallel world, the Doctor, Amy, Natalie and K9 join forces with Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper to solve the mystery of the Miracle that erased death. Faced with such an unconventional threat, the Doctor must explore how far he will go in the name of history when so many lives are at stake in a manner he can't easily condemn or overcome.

Characters: Amy Pond, Amy Pond, Esther Drummond, Gwen Cooper, Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Jenny, K-9, Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Other Character(s), PC Andy Davidson, Rex Matheson, Rhys Williams, Rhys Williams, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (11th), The
Series: The Age of Paradox

  • Published: 2020.01.01
  • Updated: 2021.06.19
  • Chapters: 20
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 52183

Pieces Of The Past by PebbleInALake [Reviews - 0]
Every one of his companions left their mark on the TARDIS. Every one of them took a piece of the Doctor with them, and left a piece of themselves in return.

  • Multi-Era
  • All Ages
  • None
  • General, Introspection, Vignette

Characters: The Doctor (Unspecified)
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.06.17
  • Updated: 2021.06.17
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 597

Return Of The Movellans by Cotterill91 [Reviews - 0]
The Doctor and K9 land on an alien spaceship and unexpectedly find themselves face-to-face with some old foes, the Movellans. Eager for adventure, the Doctor is all too keen to foil their latest master plan. However, things get complicated when the Doctor encounters someone from his own future and he finds himself trying to resolve actions that he has yet to commit…

  • Fourth Doctor, Multi-Era
  • All Ages
  • None
  • Action/Adventure, Crossover, General, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Standalone

Characters: Donna Noble, K-9, K-9, The Doctor (4th), The Doctor (4th)
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.05.13
  • Updated: 2021.06.10
  • Chapters: 8
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 14421

Time and Again by Sarah Jane Smith [Reviews - 1]
In 1978, UNIT headquarters is under siege from an old enemy, whilst in 2016 the final part of his plan comes together. Can UNIT work together, 40 years apart, to prevent time from changing forever?

Characters: None
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.04.11
  • Updated: 2021.06.06
  • Chapters: 8
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 14524

Looking Down the Timeline by Natalie the whovian [Reviews - 0]
When a freshly-regenerated Eighth Doctor takes a look down zir timeline, ze finds something unexpected. (Or, one possible explanation of the “half human on my mother’s side” bit)

Characters: Donna Noble, Donna Noble, The Doctor (13th), The Doctor (13th), The Doctor (8th), The Doctor (8th), The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.05.14
  • Updated: 2021.05.15
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 763

Trial and Error by QuokkaMocha [Reviews - 0]
The Twelfth Doctor goes looking for Missy's lost TARDIS, which has fallen into the hands of a collector of Time War memorabilia. Only during the operation, he inadvertently releases one of his most feared adversaries - the Valeyard. Dragged back to Zenobia Station, through a loophole in the time lock around Gallifrey, the Doctor, Bill, Nardole and Missy find themselves caught up in the events of the Doctor's trial.

Characters: Bill Potts, Mel Bush, Nardole, Other Character(s), Peri Brown, The Doctor (12th), The Doctor (6th), The Master (Ainley), The Time Lords, The Valeyard
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.03.23
  • Updated: 2021.03.29
  • Chapters: 3
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 19339

Through the Looking Glass by QuokkaMocha [Reviews - 0]
The Doctor and Clara are stuck in a simulation, but whose dream is it, and which version of the Doctor is real?

Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (12th), The Doctor (12th)
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.03.20
  • Updated: 2021.03.22
  • Chapters: 5
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 14745

Absolution by Sarah Jane Smith [Reviews - 0]
Set a few days after the Big Finish Audio, Master of Worlds, Kate Stewart goes looking for answers, even though the only person who could possibly give them to her is dead.

  • Third Doctor, Multi-Era
  • All Ages
  • None
  • Angst, Character Study, General, Introspection, Missing Scene, Standalone, Vignette

Characters: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Other Character(s), Other Character(s), The Doctor (3rd), The Doctor (3rd), The Master (Jacobi), UNIT, UNIT
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.03.19
  • Updated: 2021.03.19
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 2059

A Kiss of Curiosity by Natalie the whovian [Reviews - 0]
Rose and Clara share a kiss.

Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Rose Tyler
Series: Femslash February 2021

  • Published: 2021.02.07
  • Updated: 2021.02.07
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 205

High Seas by Daystar Searcher [Reviews - 0]
Kate is a dashing pirate. Osgood is a captive noblewoman. The story is an excuse for sexual tension.

Characters: Ashildr (Lady Me), Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Kate Stewart, Missy, Missy, Osgood, Osgood, Osgood, Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Other Character(s)
Series: None

  • Published: 2020.12.02
  • Updated: 2021.01.21
  • Chapters: 2
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 9774

Investigations by Natalie the whovian [Reviews - 0]
While investigating reports of gravel creatures in a South Korean quarry, Graham and Ryan meet an old friend of the Doctor’s who just might be able to help them.

Characters: Graham O'Brien, Martha Jones, Martha Jones, Ryan Sinclair
Series: None

  • Published: 2021.01.08
  • Updated: 2021.01.09
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 349