2019.04.01 - 08:50PM
73: All You Need Is Tea

Yes has all those tannins you know!

Author's Response: It does, which is why I can't drink it anymore =( Thank you.

2019.04.01 - 08:46PM
68: Inking It

Remember the Tardis when it was painted up with Clara's face surrounded by roses? 😢

Author's Response: Yes, it was beautiful! Thank you!

2019.04.01 - 08:01PM
64: Fishing

You could teach a whole collegiate curriculum with what you just wrote. You seem to be hanging out in all the right places!;)

Author's Response: Thank you! Such a great compliment!

2019.04.01 - 07:44PM
60: Breaking

Watching a companion leave/change/die is only a one time tv view for me. I was a mess after Amy & Rory "left". I swear I shrank a quilt with my tears after Donna was made to forget the Doctor. Peri
Broke my heart.6th Doctors face just fell. For all his "durm and strang" about them, he loved his companions just as much as his other incarnations. Though, my very favorite companion of his is the whifferdill , Frobisher. I think I have only read 2 stories with him in it on this site.

Author's Response: I don't even remember him, but my memories of Doctors 5 through 8 are sketchy at best, it's been a very long time since I've seen any of their episodes. Watching companions leave, or the Doctor regenerate, is always hard. thank you.

2019.03.31 - 10:46PM
58: Reunited

Yeah, that was a good reunion. Great episode.

Author's Response: Yes, it's one of my favourites. I was so psyched to see Sarah-Jane again, plus it had Anthony Head as the villain =) Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 10:41PM
57: Journey’s End

I can't rewatch this episode. Between Donna and Rose, it was just too much.

They gotta start making stronger kleenex!

Author's Response: It was a tough one, Donna's fate just broke my heart especially, but I keep going back and writing about it. My way of dealing I suppose. Same with Rose. Thank you.

2019.03.31 - 10:31PM
51: Flamboyant

He had a beautiful canary yellow car named Bess, and a Whomobile that could fly too!

Author's Response: I know! I actually got my photo taken with what might have been the original Bessie or a replica, not entirely sure. Love that car! Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 10:13PM
50: Whimsical

I can imagine it would be very distracting. I would wonder how they teach children of Gallifrey this. ?

Author's Response: It's easy enough to tell them about it, explain the mechanics as it were, but actually experiencing it is another matter entirely. Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 08:41PM
45: Just A Few

It's good to be kind. And the Doctor remembered

Author's Response: He did, Donna's act of kindness stuck in his mind. Thank you.

2019.03.31 - 08:36PM
43: One Final Act


Author's Response: It was so chilling when we discovered that, but Derek Jacobi was wonderful, I liked him, until he turned out to be the Master. Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 08:27PM
41: Aliens And Quarries

I read A lot of paranormal and true crime books. You would be surprised by how many deaths occur around quarries. Clearly,dangerous areas to investigate or check alone.....in.....rain....at night.....look out, behind you!😱

Author's Response: Actually, that doesn't surprise me. Quarries are dangerous anyway, and the perfect places for body dumps and stuff. I wouldn't want to be in one at night, alone... *shudders* Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 08:07PM
40: Unexpected Revenge

I still miss her. Can you just imagine her with 9 or 12? Both Docs would get along better with her grandad WILF than with her!😁

Author's Response: Me too, I write Donna quite a bit because she's my favourite companion. I loved Wilf too, I can practically here him and Twelve having a natter. Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 07:59PM
38: For The Planet

He won it, hand down!

Author's Response: LOL! I see what you did there! Yep, the Doctor, earth's champion, whether Torchwood One believes it or not. Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 07:50PM
31: Scattered

I bet 50% of the human race are related to Jack!;)

Author's Response: *snicker* Oh, at least that many! He does love to say hello ;) Thank you!

2019.03.31 - 03:33PM
30: Wedding Gift

You forgot about the bunk beds,too!

Author's Response: I didn't really forget, but 100 words don't always allow enough space to include everything. Thank you!