2015.03.18 - 04:36AM
: The Hedgehog Concept

Love love love... huge happy smiles here. This is one of the very best stories that I have ever read here. Everything about it - sighs so happily. Their voices rang true... the development of their relationship. The TARDIS, Donna, Jackie and Mickey... but most of all the Doctor and Rose. Together, in the TARDIS... just as it should be. Quite right too.

2013.01.10 - 09:57PM
: The Hedgehog Concept

Lovely series. Read it all in one go -and worth staying up late to finish. Great work!

2012.02.09 - 11:10PM
: The Hedgehog Concept

This is fantastic! Great work! The whole series is done well. Each story is well-written. I like the distinct voices of your characters and the creative Time Lord biology thing.

2008.01.24 - 01:07PM
: The Hedgehog Concept

You soooo need to write more in this series!!

Author's Response: We are! We promise! In fact, I\'m beta-ing the next part right now!

2008.01.21 - 12:31PM
: The Hedgehog Concept

Oh, please! She has to go with him! You're killing me here! :)

Author's Response: Don\'t die before the end now! ;-)