Reviews For Keep It That Way

2011.07.24 - 01:38PM
: Keep It That Way

Oh please write more, that was FABULOUS!

2009.01.09 - 12:30PM
: Keep It That Way

I love this series of stories - I printed them out months ago and keep reading them over and over again!

Any chance of any more?

2008.02.13 - 11:52AM
: Keep It That Way

really weird but i like it so far.poor ianto.could we have some more jack/ianto action?please continue.

Author's Response: Just keep reading!

2007.11.28 - 01:27AM
: Keep It That Way

This is awesome!!! I love the way that Ianto is nothing like people think. More please!!!

Love ya

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Part three is almost done!

2007.09.29 - 06:29AM
: Keep It That Way

Please write more!!!