2008.02.20 - 04:28AM
: The F*cklet Universe

You write the BEST Nine/Rose smut. I adore this series more than words can say.It hits every one of my Nine-kinks. I lovelovelove a possessive and obsessive Nine. It's just beautiful.

Author's Response: I\'m so happy that you\'re enjoying this series. Nine should always be possessive, jealous, dark and HOT... oh and doing naughty things with Rose! ;)

2007.12.20 - 07:20PM
: The F*cklet Universe

This is just to say - I have read this an ungodly number of times. :) thank you!

Author's Response: You\'re the first person to leave a review for this series as a whole. I\'m very happy that you like the stories it contains enough to read them an \'ungodly number of times\'. THANK YOU! :)