Reviews For Space Dementia

2011.06.21 - 01:24AM
: Space Dementia

Awesome series, really loving it. Can't wait to read more.

2009.02.28 - 03:32PM
: Space Dementia

I love your stories, you put a lot of detail into them, is this from first-hand experience? ha ha. Anyway I wish you would continue with the series it is great. My stories aren't too good so don't bother checking them up.

2008.02.08 - 12:32PM
: Space Dementia

v v good. iv been reading the whole series. gah cant w8 for the next bit!

Author's Response: Yer, sorry, I have just moved to a new city so haven\'t got access to internet very much, and certainly private enough to post new chapters! Maybe another couple of weeks. I\'ll get there!

2007.12.31 - 08:06PM
: Space Dementia

Wow... That was hot! That was amazing.

You've captured the characters of Rose and the Doctor extraordinarily (probably Jack too, but I haven't seen the first series yet). I love the positions you put them into and loved reading their reactions to it all. You made me feel sexually frustrated right along with them. And your descriptions of their feelings, their frustration, the sex- everything is spot on.

Excellent job! Hope there's more to this, I'd love to read more.


Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback. I haven\'t updated for a while as I\'m in the process of moving across the country right now. I\'ll write more when I get settled though, I promise!

2007.11.11 - 05:30PM
: Space Dementia

I love Sleazey Doctor. It's just so unlike him that it even wigged me out a bit!!! And the return to Caring Doctor is lovely. I wanna know the rest!