2007.01.10 - 11:01AM
: 02 Who Is My Enemy?

Another lovely series for Doctor #5 with Jason. I strongly disagree with the previous reviewer. I think Jason has a very distinct personality and you caught Doctor #4 and 5 just fine in my book and as I'm a Scot (Brit) I think I should know. I was brought up with Tom Baker and Peter Davidson. Just keep writing and am pleased you ignore silly reviews.

Author's Response: Many thanks for the kind words. I\'m pleased that you enjoyed the series.

2006.02.25 - 11:51AM
: 02 Who Is My Enemy?

If I were the Doctor I'd dump Jason. I don't like him. If you want to write good characters I suggest you watch the new DW show, Rose, Capt Jack, Mickey, Rose's Mum, the Doctor, the Prime Minister, all fully fleshed out and interesting people who can be nice and can be not nice etc. Jason simply isn't my cup of tea. I also find you write okay for the 5th Doctor (he's not really very personable to being with) but you really don't have a grasp on Doctor Four at all.

Author's Response: Retaliation of this now banned individual noted.