Reviews For Earth to Ashes

2006.04.27 - 05:17PM
: Earth to Ashes

i watched the last two episodes today and just needed something to bring back those tears again - this was perfect! i love your writing style and the way you captured all the emotion without ever being sentimental... i think i'm going to end up reading this again and again - thank you!

2006.04.22 - 10:17PM
: Earth to Ashes


2006.04.13 - 09:11PM
: Earth to Ashes

This was a beautiful piece of writing, the whole series. I love that the characters are so perfectly caught and in-cannon. I really believe that is exactly what they would have been thinking through the whole thing. As other posters have mentioned, I also enjoyed the whole round robin POV with everyone, it really gave it a very 'full' feeling. I don't generally get emotional about stories, but it made me cry too. Gorgeous.

Author's Response: Thank you very much indeed! I\'m so glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate the compliments :)

2006.02.27 - 10:30PM
: Earth to Ashes

I LOVE THIS SERIES! It's definetely going on my favs. list!

Author's Response: Thank you! You\'re very kind. :)