Reviews For Bliss

2019.02.18 - 01:24AM
: Bliss

Absolutely loved this series. Spent most of the day reading the whole series. Sorry I didnít review each individual story, I couldnít stop reading long enough to do so. Off now to read more of your stories.

2015.08.27 - 09:50PM
: Bliss

I've just been reading through this entire 'verse, and I absolutely love it! I especially like all the little insights into Rose and Jack.

2013.08.24 - 02:35PM
: Bliss

I really love this series and I have to say there are not too many authors that I am willing to combine all the stories of a series into a word doc so I can reread at will in sequence and check back with in hopes of additions. Your one of those authors and this series fits that category :) Happy writing :)

2010.06.03 - 04:43AM
: Bliss

God, I love this series :D I do hope you'll continue it. I would love to see them getting married..., and third gifts (children?).... But who will be pregnant? Rose or Jack? :P

2009.04.09 - 04:46PM
: Bliss

i just found this series and it sounds good but is there an order that they should be read in?

Author's Response: Hello! I\'ve arranged the stories within the series by internal chronological order -- that\'s probably a good way to go through them (though it\'s not necessarily the order in which the stories were written). I hope you enjoy them! :)

2008.12.14 - 12:06PM
: Bliss

I love this series and can't get enough. More please!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! There will be more, I promise, though I can\'t be more specific than that. :D

2008.12.10 - 04:20PM
: Bliss

I've just found this via the Children of Time awards - congrats on your nomination! I'm loving this series so far, and I'm only about half done. I love the innocence that you've portrayed, and how sweet all three are with each other. It's nice to see light-hearted OT3 out there - so much of it tends towards the dark and angsty variety. Thank you so much for posting this!

FYI, I'm writing Nominee Round-ups, reviewing all the different stories nominated for the Awards, and I'm going to include my review for this series in the next roundup, to be posted Thursday evening on my LJ.

Thanks again, and good luck!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying your read thus far. I was really honored to be nominated in the CoT Awards -- especially when I saw the company I was in! I only knew about half the stories, and the half I knew was just *amazingly* good. Considering that the fics I didn\'t know were/are probably just as good, I think it\'s a wonder to see my stories on the list at all! BTW, friended your LJ, and just read through your previous roundups. Wow -- lot of work there, but really useful given such a large list of fics. Thanks! FWIW, if you go through *all* the nominees, you\'ll hit my \"Flowers!verse,\" too, which is much angstier. Figure \"Bliss\" is where I go when I\'m happy, \"Flowers\" is where I go when I\'m . . . not, for the most part. ;)

2008.12.05 - 04:48PM
: Bliss

I'm not much into romantic Who, but I did like the glimpses into Rose's past and the descriptions of the empathic link. Their frustrated, irritated responses when the link was starting to manifest, and they didn't know what was happening was great. And you wrote the Doctor's reluctance and emotions superbly.

And I love the tattoo.

Author's Response: *Raised eyebrows* Well, if you know about the tattoo, you deviated a bit from the recommended tour -- but I\'m glad you liked what you found! ;)

2008.04.26 - 09:07AM
: Bliss

Ahhh, brilliant. This series really is bliss. Thank-you so much for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review! Much appreciated, though RL kept me from responding till now. :)

2008.02.23 - 09:58AM
: Bliss

just found these boards, just found this fic by complete chance. love the way you've encorporated nine, rose and jack in, and explored some of jack's past, and the hurt he feels.....been a really interesting read, keep it up please :) x x x

Author's Response: Thank you! Much more Jack to come (no pun intended), rest assured! ;) :D

2008.01.24 - 07:32AM
: Bliss

I LOVE this, I can't believe it only has 3, now 4, reviews! This is one of the few series that I re-read, it's that good.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! Your kind words really made my day, slow as I\'ve been to respond to them . . . :)

2007.09.27 - 10:33PM
: Bliss

Okay, I love this OT3. More, please. :D

Author's Response: It will happen, be assured . . . thanks! :D

2007.09.22 - 10:03AM
: Bliss

This is the most awesome series...I LOVE Nine, and Jack....keep it all going, please!!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for the review -- I definitely have more in mind, it\'s just down to the writing of it! I\'ll try not to get too distracted on the Skiffy boards . . . ;)

2007.08.03 - 12:10PM
: Bliss

I love your writing. And this series might well be my favourite ever. It's the perfect pick-me-up. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! It\'s definitely *my* pick-me-up series. :)