Reviews For Better With Two

2008.07.22 - 05:52PM
: Better With Two

Oh, I do love the way you've captured Nine in these. The interactions, the expressions, it's all perfect. And the snowflakes one especially, conveying Rose's wonder so well it becomes the reader's.

Will you ever write any more in this set?

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'ll write more if the bunny bites, which isn\'t very helpful, I know, but it\'s the honest truth . . .

2007.05.24 - 12:46AM
: Better With Two

I've just finished the three in the series, and wanted to tell you how much I liked them. You get a taste of what could be without being overwhelmed with "Doctor+Rose". Lovely. ::smiles::

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked them as a \"set.\" There will be more as I have time. Rose and Nine are a really special combo. Cool -- my first \"series\" review! :D