2008.05.17 - 09:47AM
: Blood on his Hands series

Sorry meant to review on the series, instead reviewed the 3rd part. So basically what I said about part 3 applies to the whole series. Oh and...WE NEED MORE OF THIS!

2008.01.13 - 09:54AM
: Blood on his Hands series

This whole series was utterly brilliant! Very dark insight into the guilty mind of the Doctor, but very fitting considering all the baggage he carries.
I really liked all his guilt for using her and the way he related himself to the Dalek because of that. Also loved how he saw himself as killing her for using her and for knowing that he would one day break her heart.
Brilliant! Cheers!


2007.05.30 - 03:04AM
: Blood on his Hands series

These seem oddly familiar, and I apologize if I'm reviewing twice, but wow. Quite good. Very powerful.

Author's Response: No need to apologise at all! Yes, the first story has been up for a while, though the sequels were new, and I organised them all into a series for ease of finding. And thank you! :)