2012.07.30 - 06:58AM
: 01 Fourth Doctor Companion Arc

Read it. Didn't like it. Sorry but that's just me. One opinion. I find that your characters are pretty bland and talk in a way that isn't realistic at all.

Author's Response: Based on your reviews, you did not read the entire arc, you read 3 stories, and not even that as you state you stopped at the second chapter of the introductory story. You also seem to have created your account today for the sole purpose of leaving negative reviews.

2007.01.09 - 12:28PM
: 01 Fourth Doctor Companion Arc

Hello Margret,

First I have to thank yu for writing all about Jason. I've grown to like him very much via your stories and think he is a wonderful companion to have aboard the TARDIS with the Doctor.

The series of stories in this arc have been a delight to read and to review. I just hope you get the acknowledgement you deserve in future stories or series you create.

I love your plots and wish I had thought of a character like Jason myself LOL. I can see that he is a very special character too you.

Have a great year of writing and I look forward to reading more from the Doctor and Jason in future.

Author's Response: Many thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to leave reviews.

Yes, Jason is my baby. As I have said before, I love him to pieces. Since his inception in 1989, he surprises even me with some of the things he gets into. And the Doctor will continue to get him out of trouble, as he does with all his companions.

Thank you again.

2006.02.25 - 11:47AM
: 01 Fourth Doctor Companion Arc

You've been spotted on my radar so I'll try to review all your stories. You have so many. Still, quantity goes not mean quality. I want to do it chapter by chapter. Some ideas are quite good but don't like this character Jason and find the actual interplay between characters quite flat. I also think the acting out of the events leaves me sort of dumbfounded.

Author's Response: Retaliation of this now banned individual noted.