2008.06.30 - 09:51AM
: Tales from the Findersverse

I just read the Finderverse straight through. What a great 'Verse it is! I like the relationship between the three of them, and how each gets to demonstrate their strengths. A reader such as myself would be very happy to have more adventures in this series!

And added bonus Firefly! Nice crossover. The image of Jack and Inara meeting will stay with me for quite a while. In fact, I may have to print it out and take it to my bunk. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! I do plan to write more in this verse eventually, never fear. :D

2008.02.23 - 09:56AM
: Tales from the Findersverse

i always find that having to write an essay brings out the worse/best in me....this time it has brought out my ability to read the entirety of Findesverse and Bliss, and Flowers in one night....and do none of my essay.....in short, i don't know if i should thank you, or curse you for a night of lost sleep, and unimaginable pleasure. thankyou for making my procrastination so immense, i love the way you've incoporated rose as a non-nineteen-year-old-nineteen-year-old, and a baby TARDIS :) can't wait to see how this develops, write more soon :)
x x x

Author's Response: Thanks! The Findersverse is taking a bit of a vacation, but I will get back to it. I appreciate being able to provide a break, but don\'t completely overlook those essays! ;)

2008.01.22 - 07:45AM
: Tales from the Findersverse

I read through all of the Findersverse stories last night and I really enjoyed it. I love Bliss, too, but this is a little closer to my idea of what should happen.

I guess I just want to have my cake and eat it too. So please update The Wolf and The Storm, but don't stop with the Bliss!verse either!

Favorite parts: Promises To Keep, Consequences, Barbecue, and of course "
"You stop that," she said in a vicious half whisper. "Mr. Wandering God, Mr. Oncoming Storm, Mr. Lonely-bloody-Angel . . ."" from chapter 2 of The Wolf and The Storm.

Author's Response: Thanks! I feel bad about leaving this series alone for so long -- I just need to regather the threads I was weaving, and that\'s taking time. They\'re still there, though. ;)