2008.04.03 - 12:45PM
: The Adventure-Verse

That was great. I love Alex and Thalia's connection and the Doctor finally named a kid Polythenis(or however that's spelled). It would be great if you would say how many children the Doctor and Rose had together total...unless they're not done yet!! ;) I can't wait to read more ficlets from this 'verse. I simply loved it.

2007.09.14 - 10:54PM
: The Adventure-Verse

I love this series. Please say you are going to write more.

Author's Response: I\'m going to write more. :D Yes, I have bunnies. They\'ll have to wait til I have ficathon stories off my plate, tho.

2007.08.06 - 12:14AM
: The Adventure-Verse

This series was simply marvelous. Especially Rose as the mother of my nightmares in "A Shocking Discovery." Well, that wasn't the only part I enjoyed, but it's the only part I feel like commenting on in my sleep deprived state. Or something.

Author's Response: That was evil of her, wasn\'t it? *grin* Fun to write, though!

2007.04.24 - 04:36PM
: The Adventure-Verse

I can't even begin to describe the brilliance of this series. I'd really love to see a Father's Day fic in here, if you ever get an idea for one - as in the day, that is, not the episode.

Author's Response: Oooh, good idea! *cogs start turning in the brain*

2007.04.20 - 04:45AM
: The Adventure-Verse

Like it, will you be adding to it?

Author's Response: To the series, yes, though I\'m working on a few other things right now. Specifically, my current WIP, \"Reunited.\" :) Thanks for the kind words!