Reviews For I Ching

2014.02.02 - 04:38AM
: I Ching

This series is so moving. Its sad but happy at the same time. It seems to cover so much with a relatively small amount of words, which makes each one count. I loved how you seemed to wrap everything up but gave enough promise for a new beginning.

2009.02.05 - 12:58AM
: I Ching

This was very beautifully done. I adore the use of the Taoist texts. It really adds an extra level to the piece. Thank you.

2008.12.16 - 05:28PM
: I Ching

Absolutely lovely series - this totally deserved its nomination for the Children of Time awards. My full review will go up in the next installment on LJ, probably tomorrow. But here, let me say that I loved how you worked the I Ching into it, and how appropriate each quote was for the points you showed. I especially loved the repetition of the final quotation. Brilliant! Thank you!

Author's Response: Oh wow. Thank you--thank you SO much! :D That\'s a wonderful compliment!