Reviews For Spiral

2010.07.06 - 11:52AM
: Spiral

Here via a rec by Dune on LJ. I don't know how I missed this series before, but I'm so glad she pointed me at it. All three characters are written with such loving precision, and Jack's POV is both chilling and heartbreaking.

2007.01.18 - 12:46PM
: Spiral

Oh, your Jack always, always breaks my heart. You manage to key into things that I think aren't given enough weight, like the "Never doubted him, never will." I'm crying hysterically at work and I love it. Thank you!

2006.01.21 - 09:09AM
: Spiral

I'm so glad you posted this series over here too! Now I've been able to add it to my favourites, for easy re-reading. Absolutely love this - breathtakingly poignant writing.