Reviews For Calvin Who

2018.12.09 - 03:06PM
: Calvin Who

How does this have NO reviews? This is utterly brilliant! I'm so happy to see someone acknowledge the awesomeness of Calvin & Hobbes, and when you combine it with DW, it just doesn't get any better. Oh wait, it can when you add Ace and Jack and throw in Hitchhiker's Guide references! I know this is a few years old now, but do you still plan to write Series 2? I understand if not, but if you do, I would get thrilled to read it. I admit I was a little unsure about this series at first, but I'm kinda in love with this universe now. Especially when you started doing original adventures, it's awesome.

Author's Response: I somehow only just saw this review - so my deepest apologies for the late response! I don't plan to update this series any more, unfortunately, due to a) a lack of inspiration and b) not really liking my old writing all that much, but I'm very glad you enjoyed what there was of it! I actually did end up writing some amount of Season 2, and it's on over here. Hopefully you enjoy that too!