Reviews For Identity Series

2017.02.09 - 07:36AM
: Identity Series

This series is a go-to read on bad days. This story makes me so happy and I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful trilogy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Author's Response: I have fallen down on my duties of checking in on my reviews, but I REALLY DO appreciate them all the same! I'm so glad you enjoyed this series - I loved writing it :D

2016.02.11 - 09:52PM
: Identity Series

I feel like I have been run over by a tank after reading all of the emotion in Identity Crisis. One big pool full of overwhelming angst😧
I love this series, not the first time I have read again...won't be the last either.

You are genius, you capture them so well, it is like actually watching Broadchurch and there is no greater compliment I can give you. Perfection.

Author's Response: Wow - thank-you SO much, my friend! I'm so grateful for this lovely comment! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the series and I'm even more pleased this isn't even the first time you're read it! :D