2016.11.07 - 08:57AM
: The Terminal Decay Universe

Just to say I adore the TD universe and have reread all of it three times so far, I'm probably a bit crazy I know x) I love John and his sons so much ! I hope we'll know the rest of the story one day . I'm rooting hard for Jack and the Doctor to solve their differences

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, and yes, reading the TD Universe stuff three times is completely nuts!!!! I'm glad that you enjoy the stories, and I am sorry it took me so long to get back on board with it, I've been finding writing pretty hard (head is too full of stuff - I need a bigger head!), but remember how much of a relief and escape TD is compared to other stuff so hopefully will get a load more done.

2015.12.23 - 11:29PM
: The Terminal Decay Universe

I'm not really one for AUs but I love the TD Universe. I started reading back in October and now I'm up to Little Green Monsters.

I think about your TD Universe so much that I've been fantasizing a lot of alternative situations. Like how the end of season 4 would have gone down with the 11th Doctor and Jack... *Jack of course would have saved the personnel and then suffered with the radiation. And I have also been wondering how the Doctor would meet Amelia Pond without the pushing plot of him just being regenerated. You could even rearrange the order that the scenes happen in...Maybe the Doctor runs off by himself, gets into trouble and ends up injured and meets young Amelia Pond. Amelia helps him out, the Doctor gets back with Jack and then The End of Time episodes happen. And then he runs into Amelia again later on.

I do like your take of the 11th Doctor, but I can tell that he doesn't come as naturally as the 10th Doctor does for you. I think that the 11th Doctor's interaction with Amelia during his regeneration helps to shape his character. I do hope that your introduction of Jacko and Amelia Pond has some foreshadowing of greater things to come. *Like maybe another crack in the wall?*

There is some speculation that perhaps Rose Tyler and Amelia Pond in the Original Universe knew each other. Seeing as both had been visited by a mysterious Doctor when they were young they ended up seeing the same psychologist. And so I've fantasized with Original Amy Pond meeting John and the rest of the Tylers and how that might go down.

And how could you tie in River Song's story arch? Not until I came across you, did I ever like the notion of Doctor/Jack. Now I'm rather fond of the combination. It is extremely easy for me to imagine 10 and Jack, 11 and Jack is rather weird for me. The thought of the Doctor having an immortal boyfriend is very appealing because everyone leaves the Doctor eventually. But an immortal boyfriend is very much more permanent. Maybe because of the assault they don't get back together...? That could leave room for River's story. Which adds to the case of the Face of Boe, did Jack out live the Doctor, or did the Doctor outlive Jack? They can't actually be a couple forever, because long before the death of the Face of Boe, the Doctor was not with him.

But then you did give us a sneak peak into the future in Terminal Decay when the Doctor and Jack turned up to see a 14 year old Michael, with no surprise from John as Jack and the Doctor arrived together. Assuming that some how the Doctor and Jack are still together *or maybe they get back together after River's story*

Also one of my personal favorites to think about is the 50th anniversary and with the knowledge that Gallifrey is still out and how that would impact John and perhaps that could relieve some guilt.

Also I always worry that your stories will end like Broken Angel and Making Headway. Both still haunt me to this day.

All that to say I am hooked on TD and I don't know what I'll do when I get to the last chapter you have up on Little Green Monsters. I've caught up and finished Code 9 and I'm still following Dispossessed.

Author's Response: Wow, long review! Thank you for taking the time.

I'm glad that you enjoy the TD Universe. It doesn't really consume me as it did before so it is nice to dip in and out of it from time to time which is why it does not get updated as regularly.

You're right that I struggle writing the 11th Doctor, I can't seem to get him right. For that reason I think the TD universe is tending more to be John's universe with the 11th Doctor kicking round a bit in the background. I've got plans for Little Green Monsters but it's not written yet and I don't seem to have the writing mojo at the moment. Dispossessed is already written and I'm just typing it up and then I've got another epic written - it's 21 notebooks so not sure how that will translate into chapters on Word but I quite like it so will probably start with that when Dispossessed is finished getting typed.

I'm also working on an original fic at the moment and want to get that finished and see if I could actually get published.

I like Jack and the Doctor, I think it gives the Doctor a bit more security, but again you're right in that he is more suited to ten than eleven, and I'm not sure it could last beyond eleven and into twelve. At least with ten it gives him the security and I think eleven is a little less hurt than ten is. The Face of Boe is definitely a tricky one.

Not sure how the idea that Gallifrey is still out there works within the TD Universe as the gateway between the two universes is actually in the Kasterbrous Galaxy and is caused by the Eye of Harmony being ripped open by the Moment. If it's not actually been destroyed now then the Eye of Harmony wouldn't have been ripped open and there is technically no doorway between the two universes so might have to ignore that.

Broken Angel didn't have a sad ending, or maybe a little bit sad with heading off the Mars. Making Headway is one of my favourites - even if the ending is particularly mean.

I'm pleased that you're reading and thank you for taking the time to review. I promise that things will still keep coming in one shape or another for some time yet. I hope you will continue to enjoy what I write and thank you once again for taking the time to review.

2015.02.19 - 08:08AM
: The Terminal Decay Universe

Hey! I really love the Terminal Decay universe and itís really well written. Iíve read Terminal Decay about five times or so and TD-Lost maybe about two, and they are both in my favorites list of Doctor Who fanfiction.

While watching the Time of the Doctor, I was wondering what it would be like if an older Eleven, using the TARDIS either went back to the other universe to John or just called him up on some sort of skype. I think it would be a really cool and interesting one shot, or multichapter story, within the TD universe.

As I said, I love the TD universe and I really want to read more! Thanks for both taking the time to read this and the time to write those wonderful stories.

Author's Response: There is still plenty to be told in that universe and will get back to it properly, just other things taking more brain time at the moment. I\'m glad you\'ve enjoyed the TD sagas and thank you for reading them, especially more than once! And, thank you for taking the time to review.

2014.04.27 - 04:24PM
: The Terminal Decay Universe

Are you okay? It's just that you haven't updated in a while and that's quite unusual... I hope everything's all right with you.

Author's Response: I will be back to posting soon, just having a bit of a break while I complete something else so not going backward and forward between stories. All is good, sorry not been around.