2013.11.22 - 02:10AM
: The Soldier and The Savage

Well I'm hopeful for you, and I'm continuing to read...

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

2013.11.13 - 03:10AM
: The Soldier and The Savage

I want to offer some encouragement, since there are far too few Leela on Gallifrey stories, and I always scan for any new ones when I come here. I'm going to be very slow getting through these, though, since reading online does very bad things to an eye problem of mine. I've been through chapter one and that's it. Still I thought I'd let you know you have at least one in the audience. It's important to hear that sometimes.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your encouragement! :) Honestly, because you\'re right, it really does mean something to know someone out there is reading and now you\'ve even given me hopes of reviews, LOL! :D I love Leela and am always shocked to find so few stories about her life on Gallifrey as that scenario just stirs up boundless imagination. No pressure on the reading as I totally understand. I was recently diagnosed with a condition that affected my heart as well as lot of the rest of me so I\'ll be putting my stories out at a much slower place. :)