2013.09.15 - 08:14PM
: Filling In The Blanks

Okay, so I know I reviewed the fics in this series, but I just went back and reread a couple of them and they made me smile just as much as the first time through. So I'm squeeing a bit here.

I'm really happy to have found someone who seems to love Three, Jo, and Three & Jo as much as I do.

I have had some Three & Jo fics rumbling around in my brain for a while, but haven't started writing them because I've got WIPs in another fandom that are languishing from neglect. So I'd feel guilty if I started writing Three-Whofic. But I can feel very good reading your stories! You capture them both, and their relationship, very well.

I'm looking forward to more whenever you post! :-) Thanks for the fun! (There can never be too much Three & Jo in the world!)