Reviews For Doors

2008.06.05 - 07:40PM
: Doors

This series is one of the most imaginative and active tales that I have ever read. You never let your audience in on what's going to happen in the end and I love it cuz it's so much like the TV series. Plus baby!fic, way to great. I can't wait until you finish the reunion fic and I am so excited to find out if and how Violet saves Greg. Six baby TARDIS' all in a row. Hee hee hee!

P.S. Love that you keep TARDIS in caps instead of Tardis like it's her name and not her ancroynim. Just a little nit-pick I appreciate. peace.

Author's Response: aww I\'m glad you enjoyed and you appreciate my caPSLOcks :)

2007.10.17 - 02:37PM
: Doors

I really like Violet. Everything is great. But my favorite thing about the whole series is the fact that you put the sequence number in the summary. I hate trying to figure out which stories come first. It's a little thing, but so important.

Author's Response: Oh I know. sometimes you need a roadmap. I have a set over at that\'re a mess because I didn\'t do that, and now, by the time i figure it out...

2007.08.23 - 11:51PM
: Doors

I know I've said this time and time again, particularly when I read through the ENTIRE series on LJ in one day, but this is the best written and most complicated series I've ever seen. It's simply amazing. Well done and thanks for your hard work!

Author's Response: awww *blushes* thanks. I love being loved :)

2007.08.05 - 12:43AM
: Doors

Ok this is one of my fave series and I can not wait to see what you've got planed next for the family. Just don't leave us hanging to long :)

Author's Response: dude, you are love :) new part soon i hope.

2007.06.04 - 02:30PM
: Doors

I adore this series and you have a unique writing style that just seems to work,especially for me.
I've read all of the stories so far in this series and i'm already captivated with the latest installement 'Strings'

Author's Response: *blushes* you\'re too kind. Thank you :)

2007.05.17 - 04:30PM
: Doors

Absolutely fantastic! Violet is such a perfect mix of Rose and the Doctor...You have a way with words, and have beautifully put them together to make one of the best fics I've ever read.

Author's Response: thanks so very much. I do appreciate it, and I\'m glad you enjoyed!

2007.02.22 - 01:43AM
: Doors

Alright, over the past week or two, I've read through Crossfade, and, I'm amazed. This is possibly one of the most brilliant post-Doomsday fics I've ever read.

Author's Response: aww *blush* thanks so very much :) glad you enjoyed :)

2007.02.01 - 01:09PM
: Doors

I love this series! You take a concept that lots of people have played with and execute it brilliantly. I love your OCs and your handling of the canon characters. I look forward to reading more from you!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) I appreciate it a lot. I appreciate that you dont find the OC\'s aren\'t annoying, which they could get very quickly.