Reviews For Lords and Legends

2016.04.30 - 10:59AM
: Lords and Legends

I can't express how much I adore this Verse (my absolute favorite) and how many times I have read this (and all your stories).
Everything is utter perfection: from the plot itself (such a delicious UST, heartbreaking and so beautiful angst, and everything a reader may dream of), to the characters (all of them are absolutely perfect), without naming your wondrous writing.
Each time I read it, you leave me breathless from its beauty. Every single time I find myself in awe, asking for more and wishing to begin reading it again as soon as I have read the last words of this fantastic Verse.
Thank you for writing this and for sharing this gem.

Author's Response: I can't tell you how much I appreciate your lovely words. I am humbled by such a compliment and very grateful. Thank you so very, very much!

2016.01.29 - 09:33PM
: Lords and Legends

Just found this series and devoured it over the past week. Probably in my top three series faves -- it was absolutely brilliant!! Just wanted to say thanks for such an amazing story verse!!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank YOU! I really appreciate hearing that, and I'm very happy to know you enjoyed it. :)

2015.10.18 - 04:00AM
: Lords and Legends

I'm in actual tears to discover all the rest of the Lords and Legends series. I started with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, didn't think it could be beaten, and then Chapter 17 and 18 of Kings and Lords resulted in me calling both of my flatmates for emotional support. You are a BRILLIANT writer and I am ECSTATIC to continue these series. Thank you for your artwork, truly.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you so very, very much! This was one of my favorites to write, but hearing others have enjoyed it too just makes me that much happier. Thank you again!

2015.03.01 - 02:45AM
: Lords and Legends

It's me again. This is another one of my favourite series and yes this is the second time I'm reading this collection of beautifully written stories. You are amazing! I really do not have the words to articulate just how wonderful you are! Seriously! I think that every Doctor x Rose fan needs to read this series. Please keep your stories coming!

Author's Response: Oh, I can\'t thank you enough! What an incredible compliment. *blush* I keep telling myself I\'m going to move on to other works, but Ten & Rose REFUSE to release their hold on my muse, so there will be more of their stories to come. :)

2013.10.27 - 12:39PM
: Lords and Legends

This 'verse is fantastic. One of my favorites written.

Author's Response: What a lovely thing to hear! Thank you so very much!

2013.09.08 - 01:53PM
: Lords and Legends

This is one of my favorite series of all time. I just thought that needed saying!

Author's Response: I am truly flattered to receive such a kind compliment. Thank you very, very much for saying so!

2013.07.10 - 04:16PM
: Lords and Legends

I apparently am so overcome that I submitted the review before I was done!

Anyway, I came to your profile to see what or works of genius I could find and let out a giant "SQUEE! " when I saw this was a series! Before I started reading it, I was compelled to write you a review and thank you!

You have captured the Doctor and Rose so beautifully. I can see David Tennant and Billie Piper speaking your dialog and fulfilling these actions effortlessly! Such descriptive writing, easy and natural pacing, I didn't think I could love these two anymore than I already did. So thank you x a million for all you've imagined and written. I'm off to read the next in the series!

Author's Response: I\'m so happy you came upon it! The first story in this series seemed to light a fire under my muse, and it just refuses to burn out. I\'m currently working on the third multi-chapter installment for this \'verse, and it should be ready to begin posting within the next few weeks. Thank you for reviewing!

2013.07.10 - 04:05PM
: Lords and Legends



OMG. I love you. I've been winding my way through a slew of Who fabrics and found you through another author I was digging on here. I figured that would be a good way to find other excellent works--take an author I really liked and then look at their favorites. But Jiminy Crickets!

I had no idea of what I was stumbling into! I just finished reading the first of this series (not knowing it WAS a series) and a

Author's Response: You have officially made my day. Thank you! Nothing is more rewarding than to know a story I\'ve written has been enjoyed.