Reviews For Dark!Ten Verse

2014.12.24 - 05:42PM
: Dark!Ten Verse

I'm a huge fan of most of your work (the Eternals verse is one of my favorites), but I put off reading the Dark!Ten verse, because I just didn't know how I felt about him. Turns out, Dark!Ten was totally worth the risk. I truly enjoyed the existence of the Time Lords (well, the good ones), New Gallifrey and this whole alternative world you created for Rose and her Dark Doctor. At first I was a bit put off by the clone Rose, but the fact that the Doctor saw the timelines and GAVE ROSE THE CHOICE really set him apart from the original Doctor. I also appreciated that you didn't downplay the reality and challenges between Rose and the Doctor in regards to her not accepting Dark!Doctor as a replacement. Not sure if that made sense, but I know I'd feel some guilt in that situation. I know this is extremely wordy, but I just wanted to let you know that I loved this and would never say no to another installation to this verse! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m so glad you enjoyed it. It makes me so happy that you read the points I was endeavoring to make this series. I absolutely wanted to make clear that he wanted her to want him for him and that she felt drawn to him for the qualities he had as an individual as well as the qualities he shared with her original Doctor. And it absolutely takes several stories for them to work through the guilt and uncertainties of their relationship. That was very important to me. I wanted to feel like they worked through their issues together and that they will always have some things to work through. Thank you again for reading and there is another story planned. Hopefully it will happen by summer 2015 :)

2014.06.06 - 11:54AM
: Dark!Ten Verse

I usually don't like story's where Rose ends up with some alternate universe Doctor but i gladly make an exception for this series. It is really just that good. I love how dark and possessive the Doctor is, especially when it comes to Roses original Doctor!!!

Author's Response: Oh I completely understand. It took a lot of thought and mental arguing with myself in the first story regarding who she\'d end up with but in the end, I couldn\'t have her leave poor Dark Ten. I\'m glad you enjoyed it! I just finished my first draft of the Fourth story in this series :)

2014.03.05 - 09:48PM
: Dark!Ten Verse

I adore this series so much! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

2014.02.25 - 07:08PM
: Dark!Ten Verse

This is the most fantastic story I have read on here! Your imagination and attention to detail sucked me in. I read this from start to finish, not in one sitting... I was enthralled. No spoilers, but it had the perfect ending. Thank you so much and I hope you write more Dark Ten!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I do intend on adding another story to this series. Perhaps in a month or two :)

2014.01.17 - 12:34PM
: Dark!Ten Verse

My first Dark!Ten fic. I'm beginning to realize you were a lot of my first DW fics. :) Love him here, the possessiveness, the friendships, and how the verse changed him.

I also enjoyed how Rose changed before and during her time in this universe. She's definitely a match for this Doctor and her meeting 'our' universe's Doctor proved that.

All in all, I really hope to see another story in this series, I can't seem to get enough of it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! When I started the first story, I was a little unsure how it would end but as the story progressed, I couldn\'t leave Dark!Ten without his Rose. He\'s such a fun character and I do love writing this verse. I am working on the fourth story and hope to post in a month or so.

2013.11.18 - 07:46PM
: Dark!Ten Verse

This verse was absolustely amazing to read. I intended to leave a review at the end of the first story, but I was so enthralled with your Dark Ten that I just kept reading. Naughty me lol

You have a serious gift for writing and plot, and your Dark Ten is just so sexy! I think I may have fallen for him a bit, lol. Your tale was wonderful and I will definitely be adding it do my favorite list to enjoy in the future

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m always a bit pleased when people enjoy this series as I have a soft spot for Dark Ten. Thank you again for reading!