Reviews For Trajectory

2015.10.21 - 06:45AM
: Trajectory

I thought that I would leave a review here too as I seem to have gone on a bit of a voyage with you... it has been over the years, but I seem to have been a little remiss in vocalising my appreciation for your tales.

I love your Nine, he is exactly as I imagine him to be. I was a DW fan as a kid and Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor as a little thing hiding behind the sofa when he confronted the Sea Devils! But... The Ninth incarnation made me appreciate this world all the more - as an adult I obviously found/find Christopher Eccleston attractive... but more than that, I woul recognise him as the Doctor who had been my childhood hero... The way that you have portrayed him feels perfectly in character and totally believable. I would just like to wallow in this world, with him - Rose and the TARDIS - just as it should be!

This series is really amongst my most favourite on the 'spoon... really, it is.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. It's an honor to satisfy someone with such a long history with the show. Nine was my first Doctor and I've had to back track to pick up all the history. I too, like to wallow in the in-between possibilities of that too short season when Nine and Rose explored the universe seeking adventure, righting wrongs, making a difference and falling in love. That's what my fanfiction reflects. I appreciate your comments so much, they really mean a lot to me!

2012.06.22 - 12:41PM
: Trajectory

This whole series is unbelievably fantastic. Well, all your stories are, to be honest. The emotions, the story telling, the angst, the's brilliant. And, if I might be so presumptuous to make requests...Nine/Rose first meeting Vin Brogdah (great character, btw) would be fun - would love to see him being so "besotted", Possessive/fearful Nine on Women Wept and, er, "convincing" Rose not to stay at home. =) And, some more 10/Rose. Your dialogue and humor with both Doctors is so spot on. Nine/Rose's interactions are so sweet and brilliant. I loved 10's babble when he was trying to apologize. Brava!!!!! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so glad you\'ve been enjoying this series and that you think my stories are fantastic. I\'ll see how I can work your requests into my master plan for the series. I\'m delighted you like Vin Brogdah, I love the way he turned out and he was already penciled into the sequel I have planned that picks up where \"One Street Away\" ends. Poor Ten will finally get some \"hands on experience,\" and Vin Brogdah will have the satisfaction of seeing Ten just as \"besotted\" as Nine was. I\'ve wanted to do my version of Rose and Nine\'s visit to \"Women Wept\" ever since my second viewing of \"Boomtown,\" when Rose mentions it to Mickey. I\'m incredibly relieved that you liked my take on 10/Rose. I really was terrified that the way I wrote Ten in the opening shop scene in \"One Street Away,\" made him seem too much like an asshole. My biggest fear was that scene would alienate Ten fans who might think I was dissing him before they could realize why he was behaving the way he was. CE will always be my first Doctor and my favorite, but I really love DT\'s version of the Doctor and he would be tied with Peter Davidson for second place in the which Doctor I would most like to shag list. I agonized over getting Ten\'s babble at the end of OSA. I\'m very happy with the final version. Thank you so much not just for reading all the stories in this series, but for leaving such a detailed and glowing review!