2012.06.26 - 02:06AM
: Always Another Way: Continued

I originally read "Always Another Way" and "The Next Doctors" on your Fanfiction.net page. You will not BELIEVE how ecstatic I was to discover that A) you posted them here and B) you continued the 11/Donna idea to the other Series 4 specials. Seriously, it was like finding a Christmas present. I love this series, man. I really do.

2012.02.25 - 01:15PM
: Always Another Way: Continued

Oh, I just love you! I hate the way that RTD left Donna, no matter what he said. He could have done something. And you did!

I also like how you integrated the Eleventh Doctor into the specials. And the interaction with the Master is great! better than Ten!

Hope you keep on adding! Are you also going to do Series 5 with Donna?