Reviews For Standalones

2011.12.26 - 09:49PM
: Standalones

LN29 has done a extraordinary job. The Titles are well thought of, as well as the Summaries.

LN29 captures the true emotion of all the characters perfectly. These stories help you understand the characters much more, especially the Doctor.

And the metaphors and analogies, are easy to understand. They also flow every smoothly, which makes it enjoyable and easy to understand, and makes you keep reading.

LN29's Sequels are superbly made. They tie in every well with his/her main stories. If you love these stories, yet haven't read LN29's main stories, then, you really should read them. They are brilliant!

LN29's whofic stories are also splendid. They make me want to watch the actually episodes over, and over, again. The main flaw in LN29's whofic of the episodes are:

They're too brilliant.
When I watch the actually episode, I'm disappointed that what LN29 wrote isn't in the actually episode.
And I wish that some of them where longer, because they are brilliant.

I wonder in the sequel of "The Year That Never was" ~ What's Jack going to say to The Doctor? ~

In the whofic of "God Complex" I think ~ Your so right! ~

In "His Names" I think ~ How brilliant! ~

LN29 as succeeded in making whofic that is every enjoyable and easy to read.

NOTE to Author: The reason I deleted my review for "Step by Step" (again) was because I was giving way to many spoilers to the audience. And that isn't right. I will try my best in the future to make better, more professional reviews for "Step by Step".

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! And don\'t worry about being professional in reviews. Some of my reviews for people have basically consisted of me rambling about how awesome various stories are. So don\'t worry! I love to see your reviews! :)