2014.02.11 - 08:34PM
: Emotionally Impeded Displays of Admiration

Ah the amount of love I have for this series defies all sense of logic. I absolutely love how you write the Master best of all.

2012.09.15 - 09:35PM
: Emotionally Impeded Displays of Admiration

Please pardon my grattical errors and type os in all reviews. Writing them on my iPod and am not good at tap typing. Should say skeptical about, not "with"

2012.09.15 - 09:33PM
: Emotionally Impeded Displays of Admiration

This series was so fun to read! Admittedly, I was skeptical with the premise/mix of characters at first but you wrote it brilliantly enough that it makes me wish the 3 of them had travelled together at some point. I wonder what exactly the Doctor really would have done with the Master as his prisoner on the TARDIS had he not been shot (certainly almost no one except Rpse would have been willing to travel as his companion)

Author's Response: You could definitely be excused for wondering whether I\'d lost my mind based on the mix of characters, but I surely do love writing them together. They\'re suprisingly good fun.