2015.10.26 - 11:56PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

I'm so very glad to hear from you. Can't find a note from you anywhere? My email is dibain400@yahoo.com
I checked my spam as well but nothing there. Sorry you didn't get my email, I really want to talk to you a bit.
Thanks for responding!!

2015.10.25 - 02:58PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

Hello! I've sent you an email to your Teaspoon contact address. I sincerely hope you receive it, I'd really like to hear from you. Thanks!!!

Author's Response: Hi! I didn't get it for some reason, but I sent you a note. :)

2015.03.01 - 02:40AM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

I just wanna say that I picked up this series to read again and it's definitely one of my favourites. I adore the way you write and set the scene. The "love" scenes are just too much and not enough at the same time. You are definitely one of my favourite writers and just want to say thank you so much for this series!!!

Author's Response: I\'m thrilled to know it\'s still being enjoyed, and I am tremendously grateful to receive such compliments. Many thanks!!

2014.10.11 - 05:48PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

I just read this entire series in two days. I actually intended to do something on this gorgeous fall day, but I ended up reading the entire day. AMAZING!! You write angst very well, but I enjoyed the happier tone of the story compared to Lords and Legends (even though I loved that series too).

Author's Response: Wow! I\'m incredibly flattered that you devoted such time to journey through this series. Thank you! I love angst and I love fluff, so I tend to dabble in both. So happy to know you\'ve enjoyed it! :)

2013.11.05 - 11:20PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

I absolutely LOVE this series and have read it in its entirety more times than I can count. Whenever I find myself wanting to read a perfect story of love and romance I return to this series.
The way you take Rose and the Doctor on their journey, beginning when neither one couLd express their feelings for oNe another and ending with the complete and amazing love story they share. They can now have their forever and they have their beautiful son to share that time with them.
Your writing is amazing in bringing this story to us, it will remain one of my very most favorite series ever.
Thank you so much for giving me so many hours of complete happiness in reading.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, that is one of the loveliest reviews I\'ve received. Thank you so VERY much! That truly means a great deal. I\'m thrilled to know you\'ve enjoyed this series, and very much appreciate such kind words. Thank you again!

2013.10.14 - 03:37AM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

The slow, deliberate romance of this series is beautiful. You are the queen of creating emotional turmoil and sexual tension, haha. And while the resolution found at the end of "Blessings and Curses" is incredibly satisfying and cathartic, a tiny bit of me hopes that you will revisit this universe someday in the future and expand it (although I can't blame you for working on the amazing Lords and Legends series for now). So many stories take the Doctor and Rose up to the point of having children, but very few venture far into the actual perils and joys of raising children in the uncertain life that they lead. There's also a small part of me that likes to dream of a universe where the Doctor and Rose are together AND Donna joins them, learns her worth in the process, and never has to lose her memories of it.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review for this series! I\'m so glad to hear you\'ve enjoyed it. I\'ve left the door open for a possible return to this series at some point in the future if my muse is so inclined. And knowing there\'s interest from others to read more gives me all the more motivation to consider it. So thank you again!

2013.09.07 - 07:14PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series! I have read & re-read it several times! Awesome job - you certainly deliver for what 10/Rose fans want!

Author's Response: Oh, that is quite a compliment! Thank you very, very much. I truly appreciate it!

2012.11.16 - 12:23PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

I just loved this series!

Author's Response: I really appreciate that. Thank you so very much! I enjoyed writing this series, and I\'m happy to know you enjoyed reading it. :)

2012.11.07 - 03:45PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

Still learning how to work this website - just figured out how to leave a real review, lol. Number one favorite ;) Your work is breathtaking and after reading your stories, I'm now unable to find another writer that's equally as good.

Author's Response: I am humbled by such a compliment. Thank you very, very much! It\'s so inspiring to hear my stories have been enjoyed, and motivates me to continue putting in the time. :)

2012.06.05 - 07:22PM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

I love this series! It's tied for my #1 favourite story along with Love And The Stuff Of Legends.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so very much!! I\'ve really loved writing this series and might add to it in the future. :)

2012.03.06 - 03:12AM
: Falling Slowly 'Verse

This is one of my all time favorite Verses. The story of 10/Rose falling in love and then their life after is so perfectly crafted and imagined here. I always look forward to new installments, which never fail to amaze. :D

Author's Response: Aww, you\'ve just made my day! Thank you so, so much!! I didn\'t originally plan to make it into a series, but the Doctor and Rose seemed to have other ideas. :D