2011.11.30 - 02:07PM
: The Year That Never Was

This Series is Brilliant! The Characters are beautifully written. You capture The Doctor's, Martha's and Capt. Jack's emotions perfectly. "Hope" is amazing! You fill in every blank-spot in the episode "Last of the Time Lords, just magnificently!

Ever reaction from each character is splendid. The way Jack reacts to The Doctor's "I'm Fine", and the way he reacts to his own problems, is a Gold Star. Martha's reaction to her Family and to The Doctor and Jack, is so loving and heart felt. She endured so much in that year.

The Doctor, as well, endure all of his formal companions death right in front of his eyes. And yet, was still able to confront The Master ever day. Even with the challenge with the Gun!

You show how evil The Master is. Even with Lucy Saxon. And how much pain he brought to everyone on the Valiant.

The Doctor crying in "Adrift" is so sad, and brilliantly written. You write his fears, sorrow, pain, love, and lost so amazingly.

The Tardis and her love was brilliant. She as well endured so much from The Master. The telepathic connection with her and Jack was too well written. The scene when Jack had found The Doctor in the Tardis sobbing, was so touching. Jack's relationship with The Doctor was clearly seen. And how much The Doctor needs the Tardis, and in turn, how much she needs him.

I give the "Year That Never Way" by LN29 a 5 Star!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! I have to give this review a 5 star! Thank you so much for taking to time to not only read this series, but to tell me all these individual things! I\'m so happy that you liked it that much! I worked so hard to make sure that everyone\'s reactions were both appropriate and also touching, and I\'m glad that it worked!!! Thank you again!

2011.09.23 - 07:18PM
: The Year That Never Was

Brilliant. Love the points of view from the different characters held in captivity and from Martha. Especially enjoyed the Tardis, her sorrow and pain. Of course everyone (including me) forgot that she suffered the longest and the most. Poor girl.

Author's Response: The TARDIS is a beautiful character, and I fell into the same trap of forgetting her until I started this series. I\'m so glad you liked all these, because this is the series that is closest to my heart. Thank you soooo much for all your reviews! They are making my day!