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Reviews For Twelfth Doctor

Falturos2011.11.06 - 04:30PM: Twelfth DoctorSigned
I've just remembered something I forgot to put in my last review - I love the way you seem to break up the long stories with short ones in between. I don't know how it is for others, but for me, personally, I find it nice to read something short, and quickly resolved, after a long, dramatic story. :D

Author's Response: I do too, which is why I do it. Also because my mother, who reads all my writing, is always asking for more quickly resolved, less intense stories, so I write those for her as well. :)

Falturos2011.11.05 - 09:21PM: Twelfth DoctorSigned
I've spent the last couple of days reading this series, from Twelve to School Daze, and I must say, it's one of the best I've ever found on here. I happened upon it purely by chance, and it's already in my top two series! I'll undoubtedly be checking out your others in the next few days... I do hope your writing quality remains the same, and that you'll keep adding to this series, as your writing is most definitely something I'd like to come back to. If it wasn't for your note in School Daze about British/American slang, I wouldn't have guessed you were even American! The only giveaway was, in all honesty, that you used 'Mom', instead of the term which is far more common over here - 'Mum'.
All in all, though, as I say, it's one of the best series I've ever read. I can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so, so much! This series doesn\'t get many reads, so it always makes me really happy when someone reads and reviews. I love this series, and I\'ve got some more ideas for this series, once I\'m finished with the current story I\'m working on. In my more recent stories, I have been using \"Mum,\" but I forgot to go back and correct the earlier ones. Thank you for the wonderful compliments, they mean SO much to me!

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