Reviews For "Torchwoodful"

2013.03.30 - 08:19AM
: "Torchwoodful"

here is the second one on Baidu Post:
and hope you would like to come and see.

Author's Response: Won\'t do much good, considering I don\'t speak Chinese, the ignorant American that I am, but I appreciate the gesture!

2013.03.30 - 06:53AM
: "Torchwoodful"

haha,here is the first piece "No question asked." and here is the link ,

2013.03.30 - 12:10AM
: "Torchwoodful"

Hi Sigyn, I really like this series and I wonder if you would permit me to translate some of this series into Chinese and post it/them onto Baidu Post(百度贴吧 as we call it)?

Author's Response: Put my name on it and direct them in a link to here, and I\'m thrilled. Thanks!

2012.12.22 - 04:00PM
: "Torchwoodful"

awww that last stroy was so sweet!

Author's Response: I always saw it as rather sad, myself, but I\'m glad you liked it.