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Village_Mystic2011.03.11 - 11:15PM: Alternative UniverseSigned
I like the idea of 11 having moments when he likes "streaking" and of course saving Ianto. I'm a bit afraid of all of your new characters, though, and not sure where to start where I can see some Jack/Ianto shipping.

Author's Response: I don\'t really write any \'direct\' Torchwood, but they do feature occasionally and I often mention/hint/infer Jack/Ianto. There is a bit of it in my first story, where it\'s one of the reasons Jack goes off to save reality, and here and there. :) All the characters are explained in the stories somewhere especially the first \'Reality\' trilogy. Saving Ianto is connected to one of my new characters indirectly and she\'s much more connected to the world than just a random new companion.

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