2012.02.13 - 02:53PM
: "A Senseless Trial"

I always thought Six was badly under rated. Your stories make an interesting counterpoint to the poor quality scripts he was given to work with. Thanks for sharing them.

Author's Response: Wow! Someone read it! I\'m floored! Six needed the help. Good actor, bad series of scripts, poor design crew. Oy! Thanks for telling me!

2011.08.21 - 12:29AM
: "A Senseless Trial"

I have to echo the review about getting a whole new perspective on Six and Peri from this series - thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you! This series mostly just Screamed at me to be written, as I watched the unspoken hints of their relationship on the screen.

2010.06.24 - 12:04AM
: "A Senseless Trial"

You know, I never really liked Six much until I started reading these. I'm so glad you did this, becuase now it gives me a whole new Doctor to obsess over. And sexy! Boy, so much of this is so hot! Thanx so much.

Author's Response: Wow. Nice to know I\'ve broadened the Doctor Who universe for you.