Reviews For Heartbreak Beat

2011.01.07 - 10:19AM
: Heartbreak Beat

omg awsome series u must write more :)

2010.06.09 - 09:13AM
: Heartbreak Beat

Hi, new to DW fanfic but i LOVE your gentle, kind, funny Doctor and your clever, witty, powerful Pond!! Some fanfic requires that we stretch to believe that these are the characters we see on our screens but I beleive yours 100%! Loved it, marvellous!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

2010.05.05 - 02:34AM
: Heartbreak Beat

Great series! I must admit that 11 and Miss Pond have grown on me and I think that in part, it's related to your work. :)

Also, loving the titles to the stories. I'm trying to figure out what lyric might make it to title status next. It is a fantastic song and your use of it is inspired.

Author's Response: Yay! Another post-punk 80s music fan! Woohoo! And I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying 11/Amy. They\'re incredibly fun characters and a blast to write. Thank you! :D

2010.04.27 - 04:39PM
: Heartbreak Beat

Loving this series so far, a solid 2-for-2. The "inevitable" sex pollen is so great, nod to the fact that it's a cliche but still makes for a fun story! And I love that the story continues after that.

Author's Response: Oh, the cliche had to be written. Thank you! I\'m very glad you\'re enjoying the series.